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Vegetarian Delight!

What a lovely Thanksgiving! My first stop was Teddy’s sister’s place in SF, my first ever American Thanksgiving dinner, and what a great first it was! We were poster-perfect for the globalized world. It was Greek cuisine (tons and tons … Continue reading

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Gross details that nobody wants to know: Swear to God, my left toenail (re: first 24 Nov 2002 entry) has turned darker blue, swelled to twice its thickness, and looks like it’s trying to migrate itself away from the toe … Continue reading

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ooooooh…perfect website to surf to complement my bitchy mode:’s take on post-college life. Maybe that makes me feel better about the banking job waiting for me back in good ol’ Singapore (and keeping me there for 6 years) at … Continue reading

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Music is the Answer

These cds have been rotating in my car for the past week or so, each cd great for a particular occasion. Linkin Park’s ‘Hybrid Theory’ is great for going to school…Paul Van Dyk’s ‘The Politics of Dancing’ is fab for … Continue reading

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“Watch out, There’s a Kelly About.”

I love random stupid websites. From the Slogan Maker, I typed "Kelly" (and now everyone sees the height of my narcissism) and here are the slogans that cracked me up: The nasty ones: "Nothing Acts Faster Than Kelly." "I’m a … Continue reading

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Deep Dish/Behrouz was incredible. We danced till 7am. The sun had risen when we left the club. My voice was gone, my back hurt like crazy and don’t even get me started on my feet. My left toenail has turned … Continue reading

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My College Life

Thursday: Class in morning. Read Tolstoy. Chat with Singaporean friends in library. Sit at cafe. Chat on the phone with Douglas. Read Tolstoy. Get irritated with 4 girls at next table who talk vapidly about nothing for one hour. Read … Continue reading

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I spent the day sitting at the Free Speach Movement Cafe (isn’t that name just so Berkeley?) reading all 257 pages of Maud Casey’s ‘The Shape of Things To Come’. It was highly disappointing. It is one of those novels … Continue reading

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I had my first last today. It was the last class of my ‘Simpsons’ decal class, where you get 2 units of credit for watching 2 episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ every week…and oh yeah, discuss about it too. My frivolity … Continue reading

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I hate buying my plane tickets online. You have this bunch of websites to go to, then you get a whole different bunch of possible itineraries, with a bunch of different prices…then you have to make your decisions: I wanna … Continue reading

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