Weird message of the day

April 25th, 2005

A mother visiting from China likes to do something for boilermakers. She chooses to make steamed bun for those fans, rather than plot a piece of garden to sell the fruits and vegetables.
If you are one of those fans and specially love the home-made healthy foods, please call 496-xxxx about further details.

I am tongue-tied for once.

(10 hours later)

OK, even after re-reading it I still find it weird. I mean, she’s visiting from China and she wants to make pau (steamed buns) for everyone? And she was considering to ‘plot a piece of garden to sell the fruits and vegetables’??

How long is she visiting for? And how healthy are paus anyway? And why does she want to make money while she’s here?

I’ve half a mind to reply to this ad and see if I actually get any good eats. 

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