February 14th, 2005

Arranged for some people to come over and have dinner at my place. Had a quick(till 3 am) game of poker after that in true Chinese New Year fashion.

Lost $5 but then again I’m known as a kia su gambler in my own mother’s words.

The pictures follow:

The backs of Those Who Came To Eat

A sample of what they brought. The fried rice was pretty good (by R&Y) by the way. Kudos, kudos.

Carving up my char siew. My pi├Ęce de resistance, or as Dave Barry translates it, Piece of Resistance.

Food Porn. I had more than 1 kg of the stuff and it got all gobbled up. Greedy guests.

Had to sneak in something from home. My favourite picture of my family CNY style. They are all smiling at the same time for once!


February 6th, 2005

Had a free steamboat dinner on Saturday, to celebrate Chinese New Year. It’s been so long since I’ve done anything related to CNY that I ended up having a pretty good time in the end.

My steamboat table

The food turned out to be pretty good, but then again free food always tastes good to a stingy guy like moi.

What to eat next?

For everyone that told me to put pictures of myself up … there you go.

Tuesday and Wednesday In the City

December 23rd, 2004

Started Tuesday by walking down to Chinatown … I remembered this from an earlier visit so had to take a picture of course.

Lunch was rice and some dishes that I chose from a row of stuff at a supermarket. What got me was the price. $2.75!!

Bought groceries from this madhouse. Old chinese housewives were pushing me around the whole time. We call it Double Entry because there are two entrances to the place. Sounds like a porn supermarket to me.

Took the bus home …

And dinner was delivered Thai food. Yummers!

Went to meet Daniel and some of his friends. The night started out innocently enough … we managed to find a place that was giving out FREE BEER. Yes, FREE BEER.

After drinks at that place we decide to go grab another one from a grocery store on our way to supper. We even ask for brown bags to ‘protect’ ourselves from the law. So who do we run into but a couple of policemen. In the end it was just a $25 ticket. Guess I paid for those free beers after all.

Supper at a yakitori place and it was here that it all started to go downhill.

First 1, then 2, then 3 bottles of sake.

I made it back to the apartment somehow … Robert tells me I fell asleep sitting up. Apparently I keeled over at about 5.30 in the morning.

Needless to say my ENTIRE Wednesday was spent recovering. UArt was laughing at me the whole time but he was nice enough to cook porridge for me.

Finally managed to get out at 7 pm. Felt alot better after dinner. Met Daniel with another friend later and I was able to escape any drinking.

More to come.

Bunch of updates

November 29th, 2004

Back in school after a whole week of not studying or grading or doing research. And it was gooood. The break started out with …

… Snow!

My roomate decided to snowboard down our driveway … idiot =)
He went outside and played for awhile too.

Poker night. Only 1 bottle of vodka finished though. I called it quits first.
Was fun even though I lost money. It’s fun having a snowball fight when you’re slightly tipsy.

The scene in the morning. It’s all melted by now though. I’m sure more will come later in the season but there’s something about the first snow of the year that makes it picture worthy I think.

Thanksgiving dinner at my place. Very rojak, both in the food and sanity of those present.

We had laksa …

… beef stew (my contribution) …

… and various dumplings of some sort.

Drove up to visit Steve at his new house … weather was sucky but we had a good time just hanging out. I hadn’t seen him in awhile so decided to make the trip. That’s his new place in Waterloo.

Big guy still looks the same. The house is really nice inside. Has a woman’s touch.

We deep fried an entire turkey on Saturday. It got devoured before I had a chance to take a picture. Trust me when I say it was pretty good. Made me fall asleep though.

Got home Saturday night and lazed around most of Sunday too. It’s been back to work since though. Only a couple weeks to go till the end of the semester then we’ll get to do it all over again.


October 28th, 2004

My memories of home cooked food when I was growing up are varied … I do remember the awesome meals that we would have over at my auntie’s place, as well as my grandmother cooking for us every Friday (She’s the only one who could ever get me to eat pig’s brain soup and like it).

I also have fond memories of my mother’s cooking.

Now let me preface this by saying that my mum was a working woman, and I don’t know how she found the time and energy to work and raise two kids at the same time, let alone keep the house clean and do laundry every day (She still does!).

I do remember an awful lot of canned food and instant noodles though. I could go on forever … luncheon meat, sardines, braised peanuts, chicken curry, satay pork etc etc. It varied depending on how tired she was I guess, but what I’m trying to get across is that thanks to her I became unfussy about food in general. If it tasted good (to me) I ate it. If it didn’t I wasn’t gonna get anything else anyway so I ate that too.

As we got older I think more varied dishes started to appear, I will always remember her soups and soya sauce chicken … oh and the famous sunny side eggs with rice and dark soy sauce too.

By the time I got into the army and got what they called food I was immune. It was all good. I actually enjoyed most of it and more than once thanked my mum for making me this way.

So in tribute to her this week I tried to recreate her see yao kai. That was my lunch today.

I know … it doesn’t look like much, tasted pretty good though!

Thanks Mummy.

Weight Issues

September 28th, 2004

So I’ve been letting myself go a little … the odd chocolate here, cookie there … have kept up with the daily exercise though.

Weighed myself at the gym today … 157 lbs.

That means no more junk food. I have a goal to reach, and I’ll be damned if I let small things like that stop me!

I wouldn’t do it myself, but now I have a small inkling of why people opt for plastic surgery.

In other news, all my sports teams won over the weekend. (Another attempt to stop sounding like a woman)